Training for mountain leaders


In 2011 we organized the first guide-accompanier training with the help of Pierre-Joseph Copier, an experienced mountain guide based in Montmaur en Diois in the Drôme (26), and a Nordic walking specialist. The training started with a theoretical training of several weeks, and continued with field trips to put into practice the lessons learned beforehand. Since then, each year, we have set up a training course for the profession of guide before the beginning of the tourist season. The training aims at giving practical and theoretical skills to the guides. The training program includes the following disciplines

  • Cartography

  • Orientation

  • Itinerary

  • Group leadership

  • Safety

  • Food and beverages

  • Fauna and flora

  • General culture

  • Tourist knowledge

  • The practice of the French language

For some subjects, a theoretical introduction is provided. For the others, the practice is done with field trips, visiting possible itineraries and teaching the future guides to lead a group in real conditions. The peculiarity of our association is obvious for our students, because we train not only to give diplomas, but what is essential, we train them to work by trying to place them in different tourist agencies, which we manage to do successfully .


Kalynur Satarov


In 2003, being a student of foreign languages, he started to work as a guide-interpreter in Kyrgyzstan. 2005-2009 he studied at ESTHUA (Ecole Superieure de Tourisme et d'Hotelerie at the University of Angers) in France. In 2007 Kalyinur and his brothers created the agency "Kirghizasia".


Munarbek Kuldanbaev


Being responsible for "Tourism and Handicrafts" in the NGO "Jash-Muun", participates in the management of the agency. He is also the president of "Horse Ball" federation in Kyrgyzstan and breeder of "Tchaar" horses known as "Appaloosa".


Nurbek Kuldanbaev


By profession, Nurbek is a bio-physicist researcher and medical doctor (PhD). During his summer vacations he helps us with the reception of the travelers on the day of arrival and with the administrative part of our undertaking.